I have the following latex document and I want to include a section "List of Abbreviations" without a numbering. This should appear in the table of contents as well (it should look similar to the List of Figures and List of Tables sections). So far so good, I managed to do it with the \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{List of Abbreviations} command.

However, I still have a problem with \fancyhdr and the \leftmark option. It still lists CONTENTS in the header of the List of Abbreviations section. How can I fix this?

\documentclass[11pt, bibliography=totoc, twoside]{article}



\author{my name}
\date{December 2019}





\section*{List of Abbreviations}
\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{List of Abbreviations}




\section{Section 2}
\subsection{subsection 2.1}
\subsection{subsection 2.2}

\section{Section 3}


\section* does not write to the headers, you have to do that by hand. Add

\markboth{List of Abbreviations}{List of Abbreviations}

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