I am using shortoc package to create a brief contents page for my book.

I used the command:

\shorttoc{\sffamily BRIEF CONTENTS}{1} 

to create it so only the sections are displayed without the subsections.

Now I need to unbold the section headings. Is there a way to do it with the shortoc package?

enter image description here

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Here is a solution based on etoolbox package.

\patchcmd{\shorttoc}{\@startshorttoc {toc}}{{\let\bfseries\normalfont\@startshorttoc {toc}}}{}{}

\shorttoc{\sffamily BRIEF CONTENTS}{1} 
\section{Foo bar}
  • This works perfect! Much thanks
    – alkabary
    Dec 9, 2019 at 18:57

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