For a poster and a presentation, due to the small size of a document I want to avoid writing the information about the publications in a cumbersome bibtex file, but rather cite everything directly in the document. For example in the end I want to create manual bibliography:

  • papername1 label1 description1 (only papername and description are depicted in the document)

  • papername2 label2 description2...

Then in the text I want to reference the labels by name, which can be done by for example \nameref{label1} and papername1 should be shown .

For now I resort to just typing it without a label and referencing by just writing the papername manually.

Would be cool to know if it works with a label without looking at BibTeX file. Would be nice to know some solution without a BibTeX (or at least only automatically generated BibTeX file without a lot of typing) and without the need to write in the variables in the BibTeX convention for a certain type of paper (for example article, book, etc.).

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If you're willing to use some predefined interface like presented below - \paperdesc{<paper>}{<description>} to set your paper descriptions, you can use it to automatically update \@currentlabel (the macro that holds the current label value). Updating it to <paper> allows you to use \label-\ref as per usual, retrieving the appropriate <paper>.

enter image description here



  \csname phantomsection\endcsname % If using hyperref
  \def\@currentlabel{#1}% Update the current label
  \textsc{#1}, % Print paper in Small Caps
  #2% Print paper description


See~\ref{paper:first} and~\ref{paper:third}

  \item \paperdesc{Paper 1}{Description of Paper 1} \label{paper:first}
  \item \paperdesc{Paper B}{Description of Paper B}
  \item \paperdesc{Paper III}{Description of Paper III} \label{paper:third}


This solution may require more work if used in conjunction with other non-standard document classes or packages.

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