I'm using the package titlesec to modify spacing before and after headings.

Using \titlespacing\paragraph makes the paragraph text appear directly after the paragraph title - I would like there to be a horizontal space of around .4cm. How do I achieve this?

Consider the MWE:



\titlespacing\paragraph{0pt}{0pt plus 1pt minus 1pt}{0pt plus 0pt minus 0pt}

    \paragraph{Paragraph title} \lipsum

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\titlespacing{\paragraph}{0pt}{2ex}{0.4cm} should do it:

  • the first argument is wgat's added to the left margin before the paragraph title begins;
  • the second argument is the vertical spacing added to the normal base line skip w.r.t. the previous text;
  • the third argument is the spacing w.r.t. the following text (usually vertical, but horizontal in the runin style, which the default style for \paragraph).

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