I have an in-text citation of the structure author (year, page) and want the comma to be replaced by a colon (i.e. author (year: page)) - and do the same for a citation of the style author (year, page), respectively).

Consider the MWE:

\usepackage{natbib} % for reference management
    Citation using "cite": \cite[10-11]{Lastname.1999}. \newline
    Citation using "citet": \citet[10-11]{Lastname.1999}.


The content of Lit_tmp.bib is:

    author = {Lastname, Firstname},
    year = {1999},
    title = {The title of the article},
    pages = {123--456},
    volume = {87},
    number = {3},
    journal = {Journal Name},

I want the commas in the output (highlighted in yellow) to be replaced by columns - how do I achieve this? Output


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As per the solution suggested in a question referenced in the comments, \setcitestyle{notesep={: }} solved the issue.


To avoid needing natbit, use \renewcommand*{\postnotedelim}{\addcolon\space} to print "year: pages" in-text and \DeclareFieldFormat{postnote}{\mknormrange{#1}} to omit the "p. "

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