I have TeXLive 2019 installed on a Windows machine, the FS encoding is cp1251 (Russian).

I have a file named "ООО ТРАНССВЯЗЬ.tex".

When I run:

> pdflatex "ООО _ТРАНССВЯЗЬ_.tex"

The file is being processed. But there is a message at the end:

Transcript written on "╬╬╬ _╥╨└═╤╤┬▀╟▄_.log".

The log file name is correct and it is successfully generated.

But when I try

> xelatex "ООО _ТРАНССВЯЗЬ_.tex"

It fails with a message:

! I can't find
file `╧О╠а_╙РM╥С├Я╚Ь_'. <*> "╧О╠а_╙РM╥С├Я╚Ь_"

And stops.

Seems that it is awaiting a name in another encoding. What should I do? I can't change the name to ASCII.

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If you update the TeX Live 2019, I believe that your problem will be resolved. If you feel cumbersome to update TeX Live, please do as follows. I assume that your installation top directory is


Make a file


which contains a line

command_line_encoding = utf-8

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