I am trying to print a list of acronyms using the glossaries package.

Sometimes, I have nested acronyms, where an acronym includes another. Here is a MWE:

\documentclass[12pt, a4paper]{article}

\newacronym{QKD}{QKD}{Quantum Key Distribution}
    \newacronym[parent=QKD]{CV-QKD}{CV-QKD}{Continuous Variable \glstext{QKD}}
    \newacronym[parent=QKD]{DV-QKD}{DV-QKD}{Discrete Variable \glstext{QKD}}
    \newacronym[parent=QKD]{MDI-QKD}{MDI-QKD}{Measurement Device Independent \glstext{QKD}}
\newacronym{OA}{OA}{Other Acronym}
\newacronym{AE}{AE}{Acronym Example}


    \section{Section 1}
        \gls{QKD} is the main acronym. We can also have subcategories of \gls{QKD} such as \gls{CV-QKD}, \gls{DV-QKD}, or \gls{MDI-QKD}.

        Other acronyms exist such as \gls{OA} or \gls{AE}.

However, this produces the following:

enter image description here

I would like to have a list formatted like this:

- Acronym + Definition
- Acronym + Definition
--Subacronym + Definition
--Subacronym + Definition
-Acronym + Definition

An alternative might be using the alttree style:


Which seems to do what I want, but it results in an overlap between the acronym and its definition:

enter image description here

Is it possible to solve this (either by fixing this or by using another style), as well as increasing the indentation of the sub-acronyms?


I did manage to sort this out, as per this guide:

If you forget to set the widest entry, the description will overlap the name.

This solves the issue, however the indentation of the sub-acronyms is now too big, as it indents it at the description level.

enter image description here

My question now becomes, how do I reduce the indentation?

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