I want to add a .pdf file to a LaTeX file that I am writing.

I used the package:


and the command:

\includepdf[page={page number}]{filename}

It produces exactly the result I want, except that the hyperlinks of the pdf file don't work anymore in the new file. Is there a way to fix this problem? (I don't know whether this is important or not, but the pdf file has been created with LaTeX as well).

Any help will be highly apreciated!


From the pdfpages documentation:

Links and other interactive features of PDF documents When including pages of a PDF only the so called content stream of these pages is copied but no links. Up to now there are no TeX-engines (pdfTeX, XeTeX, ...) available that can copy links or other interactive features of a PDF document, too. Thus, all kinds of links (and annotations) will get lost during inclusion. (Using \includepdf, \includegraphics, or other low-level commands.)

However, there’s a glimmer of hope. Some links may be extracted and later reinserted by a package called pax which can be downloaded from CTAN. Have a look at it

  • Thanks a lot! I'll take a look at pax – Onil90 Dec 19 '19 at 8:05

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