As discussed in How to use Noto Color Emoji with lualatex, in the dev version of lualatex one can use color emoji directly:

\setmainfont{Apple Color Emoji}[Renderer=Harfbuzz]
Text 😺 emoji 👅

But the normal latin letters are not displayed:


Is it possible to automatically select the font for emoji without changing the normal text font, just like luatexja/xeCJK for CJK ideographs?


You need font which has letters you need.

I didn't had Apple Color Emoji font so I used symbola.


\setmainfont{Libration Sans}
\newfontfamily{\emojifont}{Apple Color Emoji}[Renderer=Harfbuzz]
Text {\emojifont 😺} emoji {\emojifont 👅}

If you, one day, would like to use pdfLaTeX or with the engine lualatex there is a new recent package (April 2021) named twemojis. Here there is an example.

Text {\twemoji{grinning cat}} emoji {\twemoji{tongue}}

enter image description here

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