I am an MS student in computer science and engineering at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alongside my studies, I have a business of honey. I want to stand my honey as a brand. I also decided my brand name "vaijan" means brother. For introducing my honey as a brand I need a simple but gorgeous honey label.

I like LaTeX typesetting and try to create all things using LaTeX. I read an article about the label in LaTeX(https://blog.worldlabel.com/2010/label-card-printing-resources-with-tex-and-latex.html).

But I am not sure where I should start. Please recommend me a starting point.

My current honey pot with honey.

honey label


Here are some honey combs. This is a community wiki that others can add ornaments or honey bees. One may clip the honey comb grid in the end. The honey combs look better with a bit thicker lines and instead of black in a dark honey color:

\node[draw=darkhoney,very thick,regular polygon,regular polygon sides=6,minimum width=2cm,
path picture={
\shade[inner color=honey1,outer color=honey2]
(0.4,0.2) circle[radius=1.4cm];}]
(hexi-\number\value{hexi}) {};
 %\clip (0,1) rectangle (9.8,6.5);
 \path foreach \X in {1,...,6} {
 foreach \Y in {1,...,4} { 
 \fi pic{hexi}}};

enter image description here

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