I am writing my thesis and downloaded from this link.

I found that the text of the main title, figure and table captions have different text than the main text of the thesis. Anyone help to tell which part I need to change to fix that part?

In thesis.tex, there is a command:


In this command if comment font={small,sf},format=hang, then the font of the text and caption of the tables and figures are same. How can I change the font type in this to match with the font of the text? Also the title font is still same...

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    As it stands, I'm afraid your objectives are quite unclear. To improve the comprehensibility of your posting, it would really help if you provided a more precise link to the LaTeX template file(s). Aside: If your educational institution requires you to use the template file(s), it may not be a good idea to modify them. – Mico Dec 26 '19 at 5:02
  • If there is a template / example document available I would assume that the institute wants the thesis to look like the example document. – user2574 Dec 26 '19 at 9:10
  • No it should not be like that. Its not official from the university. Thats why i want to change it – Aadnan Farooq A Dec 28 '19 at 1:12

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