I have tried to use the solution given in how to draw skewed (unbalanced) tree with tikz-qtree? answer but I am getting error.

Undefined control sequence. \edge[draw=none];

My code is

\Tree[.{Collection(I) \\ $1.2$ V} 

I am trying to achieve this diagram


Also I want curvy line around some nodes with text written beside it and dots like \cdots to represents more nodes in tree. Help.

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Welcome! Maybe a cloud shape can do? I also recommend forest, this answer uses some tricks from here.

forked edges,
for tree={}
[{Queue (I)},alias=root
 [BlockingQueue,for tree={folder, grow'=0}
  [PriorityBlockingQueue ]
\draw (root) -- ++ (120:2.4) 
    node[above,label={[anchor=north east,font=\small,magenta]south east:$1.2$ V}] {Collection(I)};
\node[cloud,draw,fit=(L)(R)(B)(root),inner sep=0pt,aspect=2,cloud puffs=42,
label={[anchor=south west,font=\small,magenta]north east:$1.5$ V}]{};

enter image description here

BTW, if 1.2 V are Volts, maybe you want to use siunitx.

  • Thanks a lot. I am a newbie and I appreciate this great help. This is exactly what I wanted. Commented Dec 29, 2019 at 8:23

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