In a book project, I want to remove the "See note ..." field from citations in footnotes when referring to an already cited work. My citation style verbose-inote quotes these cases as: Author. (Short)Title, see. n. XX. I want to get rid of the "See n. XX". See MWE.

How can I do that? I've tried, without success: \renewbibmacro*{cite:seenote}{} as suggested for the biblatex-dw style. But this macro is not defined in verbose-inote.

Just switching to another style is not an option because it is very close to my needs, I already had to make hefty customizations to verbose-inote and the book is pretty close to being ready to print.


         author    = {Author Beta},
         title     = {Title},
         shortjournal = {ABC},
         journal ={AllButCrash},
         pages = {1-23},
         author    = {Author Beta},
         title     = {Title2},
         shortjournal = {No ABC},
         journal ={Not AllButCrash},
         pages = {1-42},
         author    = {Changed Director},
         title     = {Title},
         journal ={Boring Texts},
         pages = {23-42},


A reference here.\footcite{AB,AB2} See also.\footcite{CD} However, second quote should be shortened but without "`See note"'.\footcite{AB} Equally.\footcites{AB2}[and][]{CD}


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The "see note" bit is coded directly into the footcite:note bibmacro (verbose-inote.cbx, ll. 165-183), to remove it we simply remove the last bit of the macro.


  isbn=false, doi=false, url=false, eprint=false,



A reference here.\footcite{sigfridsson,worman}
See also.\footcite{nussbaum}
However, second quote should be shortened but without "`See note"'.\footcite{sigfridsson}

Sigfridsson and Ryde.//Worman; and Nussbaum.

Note that I find using sorting=nyt, with style=verbose-inote, questionable, since the work is primarily cited with author and title, so that it would be more natural to sort by name-title-year (the default sorting=nty,).

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