This question is closely related to several other questions here, but I believe it hasn't been asked (or answered) exactly like this.

Is it possible to change the font size in verbatim and Verbatim using a scale parameter?

For example, I know I can do


to globally change \texttt. And from answers I've seen here I know I can change the font size in verbatim using


or adjust Verbatim using


But suppose I don't want to specify \small, but instead use a scale factor like 0.8. Can this be done? Is there also a way modify it for all Verbatim blocks as well?

I am using LuaLaTeX.

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You can define a command for setting the font size to a fraction of the current font size.





This is normalsize with \texttt{monospaced text}
This is scaled 80%
Again normalsize
This is scaled 50%


enter image description here

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