I need to convert a series of latex documents to a single html file. I would like to know how to install the htlatex program on fedora 31. I tried to install the tex4ht package without being able to. The latex2html program is not compatible with my latex codes.

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I use Fedora myself, but I don't use TeX Live provided by Fedora packaging. I use vanilla TeX Live from the TUG website, as it always gets the updates. Anyway, I can see that there are following packages in Fedora repositories:

  • texlive-tex4ht
  • texlive-make4ht

I am sure you will need also other packages from TeX Live, especially for LuaTeX. They should be installed as dependencies hopefully.

I am also sure you don't want to use htlatex, this command is obsolete. Use make4ht instead. Here is the documentation with reasons why you should use it.

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