I don't understand how to redefine/clear/reset a running \AtBeginShipout-command.

So far, I've used \AtBeginShipout{\AddToShipoutPicture*{...}} to place proper images running through the document, but now I tried to redefine the pictures in the second part of my document –- without success. \ClearShipoutPicture takes no effect at all. I studied the documentation of atbegshi over and over ...

I would be glad, if somebody could give me some assistance.

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    I do not understand your use of \AtBeginShipout{\AddToShipoutPicture*{...}}, why do you add it to the shipout? It slready does the it self. Perhaps you should be a bit more detailed about what it it you are trying to do – daleif Apr 17 '12 at 15:47
  • well, I used it to handle multiple states generated with a ifelse-loop. nevertheless, you gave me a hint by mentioning the doubling which results an unbreakable loop. I solved the problem by writing the ifelse-statement inside the \AddToShipoutPicture{}... thanks once again ;) – triton Apr 17 '12 at 18:05

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