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I am using the acro package to create acronyms and the list of acronyms. But I can't italicize the long description of individual way acronyms. The \emph, \textit and \itshape option are not working. these options are only working individually for the foreign option and not for the long option. As exemplified in the figure, I need to italicize only the description of the highlighted acronym. I am using the following code for defining the acronym:

short = 4G,
long   = sistema de telefonia móvel de quarta geração,
class = Ac,

short = mMTC,
long = comunicação massiva entre máquinas,
foreign = \emph{massive machine type communication},
class = Ac,

short = 3GPP,
long = 3\textsuperscript{rd} Generation Partnership Project,
long-format = \itshape,
list-long-format = {\emph},
class = Ac,

short = CP,
long = prefíxo cíclico,
foreign = \emph{cyclic prefix},
class = Ac,

Please I need some help with this for finishing my dissertation.


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It is not completely clear to me if you want the long form of the acronym to always be in italics (in both document and list of acronyms) or only in the list of acronyms. In the first case use long=\textit{...} in the othercase use the list property:


  short = A ,
  long = upright
  short = B ,
  long = \textit{italic}
  short = C ,
  long = upright ,
  list = \textit{italic}


\ac{A} \par \ac{B} \par \ac{C}



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