I am trying to generate two bibliographies with texstudio. Although the code produces both references and cites them also correctly in in the PDF, it additionally creates a new page and depicts all citation labels again from both bibfiles.

This is how it looks like.

This is how the additional page looks like

Here is my code:

\newcites{C,N}{References, Online References}

\begin document
....(my text)`




To generate to bib-file I generated a batch file following the suggestion from this website: http://users.isr.ist.utl.pt/~mbayat/hacks/configure-multibib-package-with-texstudio/

Here the error code originating from my bib.aux file:

Undefined control sequence. \APACbibcite

Here how the first bib.aux looks like:

\bibcite{Piketty2014}{\citeauthoryear {Piketty\ \BBA{} Zucman}{Piketty\ \BBA{} Zucman}{{\APACyear {2014}}}}
\APACbibcite{Piketty2014}{\citeauthoryear {Piketty\ \BBA{} Zucman}{Piketty\ \BBA{} Zucman}{{\APACyear {2014}}}}

It would be great to suppress somehow the unwanted additional output.

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