I have a style for Fig caption like below.

\def\fnum@figure{\small\it\bf\figurename{} \thefigure.}

This style change the caption and caption number bold. But I need bold and italic numbering and only italic for caption like below.

Fig 1.3: This is my caption

Any solution?

I have a style file and this file has a command like below.


So \captionsetup[figure]{font={it,bf}} not worked.

In this style file there is a command \newcommand{\captionfonts}{\normalfont}

Can I edit this command and how?

@Werner I have tried your solution it works at a new document, but in my exist document its not work :( No any change.


You need to use

  font = it,
  labelfont = bf

which sets the entire caption font in italics, adding boldface only to the labelfont (which contains the float type, number and separator).

enter image description here


  compatibility = false

% Set up caption options for figures
  font = it,
  labelfont = bf


  \caption{A figure caption.}


Of course, this only works if you are using a \documentclass that is patchable by caption.


Why not simply load the caption package and use

\captionsetup[figure]{font=it, labelfont+=bf} ?

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