In a Beamer document, I would like to insert an image that would be progressively "updated" from a very blurry version to the normal one in X seconds.

To give a concrete exemple, I would like to have a "reveal effect" such as the ones used on TV when giving the result of a presidential election.

How would you do that in Beamer ?


enter image description here

The sequence of images with changing grades of blur would need to be prepared with an external software, such as ImageMagick.org. Here, https://ctan.org/lion/files/ctan_lion_350x350.png is used as the source image:

for sigma in {0..10}
  magick convert ctan_lion_350x350.png -blur 0x$sigma ctan_lion_350x350_blurred_$sigma.png  

The <sigma> value in the convert option -blur 0x<sigma> may need to be played with for other source images. Bash is used here for convenience to build a loop around convert.

Example document with embedded animation (11 frames at 10 FPS give 1 s of duration)


\begin{frame}[allowframebreaks]{The \TeX{} Lion blurred}
  Go ahead.\\
  Here we are:
  • Amazing ! Thank you very much. – Manuel Selva Jan 7 at 17:58

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