How would I make an acronym possessive? I've tried using \gls{ACR}['s] but that will just print out "Acronym (ACR)'s".

main.tex is typed as follows:



% acronyms:
\newacronym{ACR}{ACR}{Acronym }




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You could use the acronym package. Rather than glossaries.

You will need to defined the following method in your preamble:

 \expandafter\ifx\csname AC@#1\endcsname\AC@used
   \aclu{#1}'s (\acs{#1})%

You can then call \acposs{ACR} to get Acronym's (ACR).

See my other answer if you want to use the glossaries package (a much simpler solution).

Reference: Nicola Talbot at https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/416637/212801




just after \makeglossaries.

There may be other acronym styles that work, but I found this style in the documentation and can confirm that it works.

EDIT: Acronym style long-short also works, and it doesn't introduce small caps, unlike long-sc-short.

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