I'm using tcolorbox which recommends not using float environments like figure and table inside a box, and instead suggests directly using includegrapghics and tabular combined with \captionof.

I guess one of the things a figure environment does is adding vertical spacing at the end. How can I achieve a similar thing for all my includegraphics? I can of course add vspace but is there a property I can set globally?


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Do you want to add the space inside of the tcolorbox? If so, you can use the trim option for the \includegraphics command and set it globally via \setkeys{Gin}{trim=}.

\documentclass[12pt, a4paper]{scrartcl}
\usepackage{graphicx, tcolorbox}


Here is a figure 
without vertical spacing of 2cm \\ 

\setkeys{Gin}{trim=0pt -2cm 0pt -0cm}

And a figure 
with vertical spacing of 2cm below \\


This can add (or subtract, depending on the sign) a vertical space (here 2cm) above or below the image. However this only adds space inside of the tcolorbox:

enter image description here

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