I am fairly new to LaTeX and I am currently using it to insert formatted equations into Microsoft Word (Office 365 version on Mac). However, for some reason in indents the first line of a multi line equation. Is there anyway to remove this indent or does LaTeXiT assume that you only operate with one equation at a time? enter image description here

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    Try using \noindent. – user193767 Jan 9 at 18:17
  • @JairoAraujo unfortunately this has the same issue – Ryan Schaefer Jan 9 at 18:19
  • Sorry. As I'm a Linux user, I cannot test your example – user193767 Jan 9 at 18:22
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    this is not a multiline math display, you are marking up a two line text paragraph hence the indent of the first line, which happens to have two separate inline math expressions. a two line display would be something like \begin{align}f(x}&=0\\f(y)=1\end{align} – David Carlisle Jan 9 at 21:05

I am not familiar with that program, but I read Align in your screenshot. Try to click on Align, write


in the code section, and compile.

On the other hand,


in Text mode should do what you want (as long it behaves as I expect).

An answer Ryan Schaefer's question in the comment section below: Elementary, align [sic!] is a very common and useful environment for math and very useful in LaTeX (I guess that is the reason why it it is in most left/first position), secondly, I have read https://chachatelier.fr/latexit/latexit-home.php and by the functionality of the sw this is what I would expect/design as a sw engineer with some knowledge on LaTeX. I assume that the application basically compiles a LaTeX-document and returns a bitmap or vector graphic. David Carlisle's comment should work for the same reasons.

I might add that switching from Word to LaTeX might be beneficially if allowed possible, see What are good learning resources for a LaTeX beginner?. Also using that image generated by LaTeXiT might give you font inconsistencies.

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    +1 (especially for not having the program) :) – Alan Munn Jan 9 at 20:04
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    Can I ask what led to your conclusion on the distinction between Text and Align – Ryan Schaefer Jan 9 at 20:22
  • @RyanSchaefer See edit. – CampanIgnis Jan 9 at 23:03

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