I don't know why i'm getting the current layout layout

This is my whole preamble

\usepackage{amsthm, amssymb, amsmath, amsfonts, bbm, mathtools}
\usepackage{enumerate, enumitem}
\usepackage{lmodern} %optimiza algunas fuentes




\usepackage{caption} %para usar caption con *
\usepackage{svg} %inserta imagenes svg
\svgpath{{./imgs/}} %el path de svg

%Figuras numeradas

%Ecuaciones numeradas

%header >>>----- modify the headheight below ------<<<
% \fancyheadoffset{0cm}
% \setlength{\headheight}{26pt} %set to avoid warnings
%\renewcommand{\sectionmark}[1]{ \markright{#1}{} }
\lhead{\textit{\thetitle} \\ \course{}}
% \rhead{\theauthor}

%redefine @maketitle
%   \null
%   \vskip 2em%
  \let \footnote \thanks
    {\LARGE \@title{} \par}%
    {\large\itshape \subtitle{} \par}%
    {\Large \course{} \par}%
    \vskip 1.5em%
      \lineskip .5em%
            \@author \\\ifdefined\email \email{}\fi%
            \university{}\\ \@date%
    \vskip 1em%
  \vskip 1.5em}

%== definiciones de mate ==%





%% declare useful commands ---remember to use \command* to insert implicit \left #\right



I really can't figure out the reason what is loading includehead somewhere and setting the headheight to zero. Thanks for your help.

EDIT: I actually found the solution thanks to the help of @David Carlisle for identifying the problematic package and doing some searching. Don't use the fullpage package, ironicaly, to achieve a fullpage layout. Instead use the geometry package like this:


The answer was found on this question.

  • the obvious package candidate to affect the page geometry is fullpage. Jan 10, 2020 at 0:31
  • I tried commenting but it stays the same. Jan 10, 2020 at 0:39
  • posting just the preamble makes it harder for people to debug, please post a complete document that produces the layout image that you show so people can reproduce the problem and test changes. Is it enough just to add \layout \end{document} as a test file? Jan 10, 2020 at 1:21

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If you modify your preamble adding \showthe commands around fullpage so that it looks like


then the terminal and log will show

> 12.0pt.
l.15 \showthe\headheight

> 0.0pt.
l.17 \showthe\headheight

showing headheight got set from its default 12pt to 0pt by that package.

If you could not guess which package was causing the problem, simply put a


after the \documentclass (to see it is 12pt) and at \begin{document} (to see it is 0pt) and then simply move the debugging \showthe after each package to see which one changes the value)

I do not know what you mean by "loading includehead" no package of that name is included by the code shown (nor is there a package of that name in texlive that could be included).


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