Note: Thanks to Alan Munn, just removing the two lines solved this problem. Consider this question solved. I have modified the MWE to reflect this.

How can I make footnote mark appear as superscript in the body text when using reledpar and reledmac with fbb font? I'm compiling with xelatex.

As we can see in the MWE, the superscript font feature works nicely, but the reledmac footnote is not using it. The number "1" after the word "right" should be in a superscript position, not a normal number.

How can I customize its appearance? The customization code below (commented out makeatletter in MWE) does not change the behavior either.



% These two lines were the problem. They are not needed.



%    \hbox{{\addfontfeature{VerticalPosition=Superior}\@nameuse{@thefnmarkB}}}



        right\footnoteB{Very important note.}
    However, these numbers are OK: {\addfontfeature{VerticalPosition=Superior}12345}


  • 1
    Remove the \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} and \usepackage{xltxtra} lines from your code.
    – Alan Munn
    Jan 11 '20 at 22:29
  • Many thanks! My code had some old baggage. Now the bigger project compiles just as it should without those packages. Jan 11 '20 at 22:49

The fontenc package should generally never be loaded when using xelatex or lualatex and therefore loading fonts using fontspec. And the xltxtra package is generally not recommended to be loaded anymore.

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