I'm programming a presentation based on different graphs inside R-project that use LaTeX to create pdf documents. I'm using LaTex with the beamer class and i would like to fill the page with the element that at the moment are in the center of the page without fill the A4 paper(16:9).

\documentclass[8pt, aspectratio=169]{beamer}
\paperwidth = 355pt
\paperheight = 255pt


- \hoffset = 15pt 
- \voffset = 5pt 
- \oddsidemargin = -70pt 
- \headheight = 6pt 
- \headsep = -16pt 
- \textheight = 230pt 
- \textwidth = 320pt 
- \footskip = 8pt 
- \pagestyle{fancy} 
- \fancyhf{} 

I tried to set \documentclass[4paper, aspectratio=169]{beamer}, to set \setbeamersize or \geometry but nothing working good, how can i fix it?

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    if yopu're using beamer all the stuff you list in include-before is wrong and shoudl not be used. The paperwidth/-height from the first sniplet should be removed as well. – daleif Jan 20 '20 at 16:56
  • So you're creating a document (presentation) using R-markdown? Can you add more detail so it's clear how you obtain your document? – Werner Jan 20 '20 at 18:03
  • If you're looking for freedom when positioning the elements on your page, just do \hoffset = david. – thymaro Jan 21 '20 at 6:29
  • @daleif So if isn't correct include-before and paperwidth/-height how can i set the size? I tried with \setbeamersize but it doesen't work. @Werner Yes, this is all i use for the set the size on my documents, it'w work so good the element are centred in the page but the size is small, if i you want to print more bigger i have to set right on the printer setting, but i want to have the documents just ready to print with the A4 page filled. @thymaro What do you mean with \hoffset = david, by the way i just want to fill the A4 page. – ptjack Jan 21 '20 at 8:31
  • IMO there is no need to set the actual size, just that the proportions are correct. All that extra code you're including is destroying what beamer is trying to do. – daleif Jan 21 '20 at 8:35

Minimal working example with a predetermined aspect ratio:

output: beamer_presentation
classoption: aspectratio=169  


Another with a custom aspect ratio:

output: beamer_presentation
header-includes: \geometry{paperheight=1.5in,paperwidth=12in}


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