I am working with TEXMaker,

Trying to to a Quick Build>View as PDF. But I keep getting the error: Error : could not start the command : "pdflatex" -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode "XYZ".tex

The thing is that on the same computer, with another file I am actually able to do the quick build without a problem. So basically one file works fine but the rest don't....

(NB: I replaced the actual name of the file by XYZ, but it has it's own other name)

Also I had been able to do the quick build before on another computer.

So anybody know whats going on. I have changed it so that the code in the beginning is exactly the same, and it still didn't help.


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    it is unrelated to your document, it means your editor can not find tex, usually when people report that error it is because they have only installed texmaker but not tex, but you say it is installed, but check the paths in your editor configuration. – David Carlisle Jan 21 at 1:16

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