I need to get the latexdiff between current git revision and 10 commits back so I am looking at this git-latexdiff. However the instruction seems to be for non-Windows.

I did try to run the windows_install.cmd file included in the instruction. But after that I run

git latexdiff HEAD~10 --main mymain.tex


git-latexdiff HEAD~10 --main mymain.tex

But it couldn't understand the command. How do I get the diff on Windows?

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You can check if latexdiff is installed on your device and also check its version by running latexdiff --version If it is not installed properly then git latexdiff will also not work, since it is built around latexdiff. For latexdiff you also need to have perl installed. More info about it all can be found here on stackexchange

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