I am creating a document using the memoir class and pedersen style. I am unable to change the size of the chapter number. I tried using code from memoir.cls (see last MWE at How to change the position of the Chapter Number (pedersen style of memoir)) but with no luck. Altering line \renewcommand*{\chapnumfont}{\normalfont\HUGE\itshape\colorchapnum} seems to affect everything but the font size!

  • As always on this site, please provide a full minimal example others can copy and use for testing. It is not a particularly good idea to just link to someone elses MWE as it may be deleted in the future – daleif Jan 22 at 14:33
  • I understand, thank you for your comment. Will do so in the future. – vbobanac Jan 22 at 14:55

The chapter number for this style is not really set using a font size, instead it is resized using \resizebox from graphicx

Here is the code being used


So here the length \midchapskip (which normally is the space between the chapter 1 line and the actual title, is here controlling the height of the resized chapter number. So you can use say \setlength\midchapskip{1cm} to set it to something else. The pedersen style sets it to 2cm.

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  • This solves it. Thank you! – vbobanac Jan 22 at 14:55
  • @vbobanac if it answers your question click the check mark on the answer to mark it solved – daleif Jan 22 at 15:35

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