I've got a book in LaTeX, using the memoir package with the options: [smalldemyvopaper,12pt,twoside,onecolumn,openright,extrafontsizes]

I'm creating an alternating gap for the binding using


However, my book starts on the wrong side. While books should start on the right side, with the gap on the left for the binding, mine is the opposite. Furthermore, when I use \openleft on my chapters, it causes them to actually open on the right! Somehow my setup is reversed or something.

Here are all my options at the top of the doc, if that helps clear anything up.

% universal settings \documentclass[smalldemyvopaper,12pt,twoside,onecolumn,openright,extrafontsizes]{memoir}
% typographical packages
\usepackage{microtype} % for micro-typographical adjustments
\usepackage{setspace} % for line spacing
\usepackage{lettrine} % for drop caps and awesome chapter beginnings
\usepackage{titlesec} % for manipulation of chapter titles
% for placeholder text
\usepackage{lipsum} % to generate Lorem Ipsum
% other
% media settings
\setlrmarginsandblock{0.611in}{1.222in}{*} %odd pages
\setulmarginsandblock{0.722in}{1.545in}{*} %even pages
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I expanded your partial MWE into a complete one by adding \begin{document} lots of text \end{document}

I had a problem or two with your code. (a) \usepackage[x-1a:2001]{pdfx} was reported as invalid, cured by deleting the :2001 (b) an option clash was reported for the hyperref package (c) after changing the margins you should have called \checkandfixthelayout (d) you used class option openright but later called \openleft.

However, ignoring all these the output was as you wanted. First page was a right (recto, odd) page. Chapters all started on left (verso) pages. If I deleted your \openleft then chapters started on odd pages.

In books the inner page margins are narrower than the outer margins so that when the book is opened to a double page spread (left and right pages) the two outer margins are the same size as the space between the left and right textblocks (inner margins about half outer margins).

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