Is there a simple way to put all the text in math-mode in footnotesize instead of inserting the command \begin{footnotesize}...\end{footnotesize} every time?

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    Is it the text in mathmode that you want in footnotesize, or the formulæ? – Bernard Jan 25 at 19:34
  • @Bernard the formulae – Eduardo Longa Jan 25 at 20:48

The math sizes used for a specific text size are specified using \DeclareMathSizes which by default is


so at 10pt the active declaration is


which says to use 10pt math font 7pt script font and 5pt scriptscript, so in the preamble you could have


as \footnotesize is 8pt in the standard classes 10pt default size option.

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    doesn't \footnotesize depend on main font size specified in \documentclass[12 or 10pt]{article}? – user108724 Jan 25 at 20:36
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    @C.F.G yes sure I was following on from having used 10pt for the main font size in the example. I'll add a few words to make it clearer/ – David Carlisle Jan 25 at 20:48

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