I may be going in the right direction, but as you can see from compiling, my image is cropped. What to do?


% Lipsum

% Sidenote attempt

%% Pagesize

% Changemargin environment


\chapter{Larger margins}


\captionof{figure}{This is a test case.}


\chapter{Normal margins}



A couple of things. You have increased the margins but have not changed the horizontal positioning of marginal notes. I think that you could have used thememoir adjustwith environment instead of your changemargin environment.

Based on your MWE try the following:

\chapter{Larger margins}
\begin{adjustwidth}{2cm}{2cm} % increase margins by 2cm
\setlength{\marginparsep}{-1cm}  % move marginal notes closer to the reduced textwidth
  \captionof{figure}{This is a test case.}

Or if you want to keep your changemargin add \setlength{\marginparsep}{-1cm} to its definition.

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