I am currently working on a project and im writting on XeLateX. This question has been submitted in the past in the follow link name.bb appears above picture when using includegraphics but the answer isn't working for me. Basically, there always appears a filename.bb either on the top or left side of the images i am using. Are there any ideas other than the \graphicspath?

I added the \graphicspath{ {C:/tex/} } (where my tex folder and images are located) but nothing changes.

Here is an example of the problem: enter image description here

Also, i am using greek, idk if its relevant or not, just as an extra info.

  • You should show a small, complete example of the code you are using and not only some screenshot. Look at the question you linked to and the comments below it to see how a good question should look like. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 28 at 8:56

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