i use below code to view 2 images A & B:




When i use above code, no error but when i insert this code to my big main.tex file, get 2 errors: Missing number, treated as zero and Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted)

And number 0.5 of {0.5\linewidth} displayed with image.

How can i remove number 0.5?

enter image description here


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    Sorry but how should we know what your big main file is doing to break the code? Make a copy of your main file add only the body of your example and then start to remove packages to find the culprit. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 28 at 9:33

I can reproduce the issue if I change \usepackage{subcaption} into \usepackage{subfigure} (or use both, with subfigure prior to subcaption).

Either use subfigure (but bear in mind it is obsolete) or subcaption, not both.

If you have to use a template that forces subfigure, then use the proper syntax that you find in its manual.

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