1. Why is that when I create a new length, and set it to \parskip, it becomes 0? (See earlier parts of MWE)
  2. I would like my lists to appear right below text, and start a paragraph after. When doing this, if a section appears after the list, the spacing is too large; I believe because I used after=\vspace{...} in my itemize definition.
  3. Is there a way to set sort of a soft-vertical-skip? Or maybe fuzzy is the right word. If anything but a section follows, use \parskip, if a section follows, respect the skip it wants?
  4. I need to use before=\hfill to ensure that the list has proper spacing if it appears after a section, why? Aren't I using \hfill on a blank line? Perhaps this changes LaTeX to horizontal mode? Where the list would tell it to go into vertical mode otherwise?

enter image description here



\setlength{\ParSkipAmount}{13.6pt plus 1.36 pt}  % determined by baseline skip
%\setlength{\ParSkipAmount}{\parskip}  % why does this go to 0 if I uncomment it??

\usepackage{enumitem} %
\setlist{nosep}  %
    topsep=-\ParSkipAmount,% removes parskip, 
    before=\hfill,  % makes top of list appear in correct spot after section
    after=\\}% this cancels topsep

        \item One
        \item Two


    \uselengthunit{pt}\printlength{\parskip},  parskip \newline
    \uselengthunit{pt}\printlength{\ParSkipAmount}, ParSkipAmount.  \newline
    Why is it that if I set ParSkipAmount equal to parskip, it becomes 0?

    \subsection{This section demonstrates the spacing I want}
        First paragraph.

        I like the list to appear right below text (via topsep)
        And the next part to be a new paragraph (via after).
    \subsection{See how the spacing below this header and the following list is the same as the space for the previous section's header and ''First Paragraph''? It was smaller if I did not use before=hfill... why?}
    \subsection{And also see how the space above this header is larger than that of the space before the previous section header? How do I get rid of the vspace on the after if there is a following section/subsection (by using setlist or patching)?}

  • KOMA does not set parskip until the end of the preamble (\AtBeginDocument) so it still has the default value (zero) in the preamble. Try adding \typeout{\the\parskip} before and after \begin{document} – daleif Jan 29 '20 at 14:52
  • I was going to ask on yoru previous question, why have a new length\ParSkipAmount at all, why not just use \parskip? – David Carlisle Jan 29 '20 at 17:16
  • I had originally used it to explicitly show the value, and to tinker with it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was also under the impression that parskip may change depending on the environment. I noticed (but may have been mistaken) that using parskip vs. the actual value gave different results. – likethevegetable Jan 29 '20 at 19:01

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