I'm required to add a one-page appendix to an article written in the Springer LNCS format, and I write on Overleaf (where the Springer LNCS template doesn't include appendices). Is there a specific format to do this with Springer LNCS?

If not, I assume the universal way to do this is a big word "Appendix" on the upper-left and then paragraphs as usual below? Right now I'm trying the following:


but the appendix doesn't start on a new page, and it is compiled to be "A Appendix" rather than "Appendix". How can I fix it?

Or if the Springer LNCS has a particular way to add an appendix, please tell me!

I did try some other ways using the appendix package, yet they all generate a separate page displaying "Appendices" and start the paragraphs on the next page, which is not allowed.

  • Perhaps \clearpage\section*{Appendix} then? – imnothere Jan 30 at 7:47
  • @LianTzeLim Thank you very much! I got what I imaged in my mind now. Just need to make sure this is legit in the Springer LNCS format. – Paw in Data Jan 30 at 23:08

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