How can I create a circled not equal sign similar to the image below?

Enter image description here

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    Welcome! \documentclass{article} \usepackage{circledsteps} \begin{document} \[ E\Circled{\ne}m\,c^3\] \end{document} ?
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    Jan 30 '20 at 15:22

Here is a solution with a smaller \not bar, so the symbol is completely enclosed in the circle without the circle being too large.

Edit: I added another solution. The \circneqrel command provides a circled \neq symbol which is spaced as a binary relation symbol, considering the circle as the limits of the symbol (this is the first solution I posted). The \circneq command provides a similar symbol, but adjusting the spacing as if it was a simple \neq symbol.

\newcommand{\newneq}{\clipbox{0pt 1.5pt 0pt 1.5pt}{$\neq$}}
\( E \circneqrel mc^3 \)

\( E \circneq mc^3 \)

\( E \neq mc^3 \)

While one may quibble about the small overlap, this approach has two advantages: 1) the spacing of \necirc is the same as that of \ne and 2) it works across math styles.

$E\ne mc^3$

$E \necirc mc^3$

$\scriptstyle E\ne mc^3$

$\scriptstyle E \necirc mc^3$

$\scriptscriptstyle E\ne mc^3$

$\scriptscriptstyle E \necirc mc^3$

enter image description here


Here are two solutions: one with \stackinset command from the stackengine package, with \bigcirc and a slightly reduced version of \neq, and another with the recent package circledsteps:


\newcommand{\circledneq}{\mathrel{\stackMath\stackinset{c}{0pt}{c}{0pt}{\scalebox{0.75}{$\neq $}}{\bigcirc}}}
\newcommand{\Circledneq}{\pgfkeys{/csteps/inner ysep=2.5pt, /csteps/inner xsep=2.5pt}\mathrel{\Circled{\neq}} }


$E\circledneq mc^3 $

$E\Circledneq mc^3 $


enter image description here


This is only a simple solution using simple commands where I have used a predefinite symbol of the stix package called \circledequal.

enter image description here

%% Compile and read me!
A \cancel{\circledequal} B, A_{\cancel{\circledequal}} B

Addendum: With fdsymbol package you have the same font of Computer Modern (CM).

enter image description here

$A\cancel{\oequal} B$

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