enter image description here

I just wanna do what is in the right of the pic

what i wrote so far to move this pic :



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    There is no such environment like right, please add some compilable code that replicates the problem. – AboAmmar Feb 4 at 16:15
  • Welcome to TeX SE. Please provide a minimum working example – Alain Remillard Feb 4 at 16:24
  • You should explain better that are these two black boxes (two paragraphs of the same text ? independent text minipages?) the first one should be aligned with the image? Are you using a document with one or two column? etc. The MWE will help to us to understand what are you trying really without too much verbosity and will help to propose a solution. BTW, it seems that that you are searching for the wrapfig package or maybe the tufte classes. – Fran Feb 4 at 19:28

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