In my project folder I created the file project/texmf/tex/latex/mymacros.sty. From the command line, I can use export TEXMFHOME=texmf and then everything works fine, pdflatex recognizes all commands defined in mymacros.sty after \usepackage{mymacros}.

How do I have to setup TexStudio so that it recognizes the files located in that folder? I tried to include export TEXMFHOME=texmf in the precompile but it throws an error:

Error: Could not start the command: export TEXMFHOME=texmf


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With a current texlive 2019 I would suggest to do

tlmgr conf auxtrees add path/to/project/texmf

With a current miktex you can do

initexmf --register-root=path/to/project/texmf

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