I'm a beginner in XeLaTeX programming.

I need to put an upper dot to some kannada fonts in a PDF.

I used the following code snippet to do that. But the output is negative.

Please help me in this.




1) ಸ         \\
2) $\dot{ಸ}$ \\
3) \.{ಸ}     \\


I get the following result by using XeLaTeX command

  1. only upper dot without
  2. with an empty-box next to it.
  • I do not have the font and cannot experiment, but the problem may be 1/ that kannada fonts otf do not support accents and/or 2/ that they are just ignored in math mode. 1/ would explain why \.{ಸ} does not work and 2/ why $\dot{{ಸ}$ gives nothing. But \dot in math mode is able to put a dot over any symbol. You should try \dot, while outputing the letter in text mode : $\dot{\text{ಸ}}$ – Alain Merigot Jan 27 '20 at 20:24
  • Thanks a lot. Your suggestion solved my problem. – Mahesh Jan 28 '20 at 17:58

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