this markdown document:

author: Benoît
toc: true
papersize: a4
pagenumbering: true

# test



makes pandoc --from=markdown foo.md -o foo.pdf fail and output:

Error producing PDF.
! Undefined control sequence.
l.70 \textcolor

However, if I include at the end of the document a simple:


then pandoc is happy.

What's going on here ?

  • Which version of pandoc are you using? With pandoc there are no errors. – DG' Feb 9 at 17:19
  • pandoc 2.5 Compiled with pandoc-types, texmath, skylighting 0.7.7 – Benoît Feb 13 at 20:10

Ok, i think that xcolors is only included when some features are used, like code verbatim.

Adding this in header solves the problem:

header-includes: |
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