Making a complicated table is a pain in Latex. I am using a longtable in my tex and need to change the maximum number of rows in a page. Is there any way to set the maximum number of rows in a page?

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  • is your table going to span multiple pages? is your intention to place other text/floats on the same page as your longtable or will only the longtable be on the page(s) (exempli gratia, an appendix for nomenclature) – aeroNotAuto Apr 21 '12 at 8:09

longtable does not count rows (and in any case the rows may be different heights because of vertical material such as p-columns). It uses an output routine to break the pages to a target height (\textheight) It is possible, with care, to change \textheight locally for a region of a document which is, I suspect, what you need here.

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