is there a way to generate a (single-page) PDF with pagesize that is just large enough for the text that I want to display?

Perhaps something along these lines:

     Some beautiful formula

And then produce a PDF with a pagesize that is just enough for the "beautiful formula".

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    See the standalone class. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 13 at 14:21
  • @UlrikeFischer That seems indeed to be the solution. I'll "play" with it. Danke! – pe1aqp Feb 13 at 14:31

For a single line and no equation number, use \displaystyle:

\( \displaystyle E=mc^2 \)

For multiple lines with no equation numbers, you can abuse a tabular.


E &= mc^2 \\
e^{i\theta} &= \cos\theta + i\sin\theta
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