How can I get the language currently set for the listings (aka lstlistings) package, e.g. via \lstset{language=Python,basicstyle=\color{blue},backgroundcolor=\color{lightgray}}?


I want to use the value in my own command that also puts some lstinline text into the index, under the right language.

I tried variables like \language, \lst.language, ... But they do not contain the value.

Hence I introduced a new variable via e.g. \newcommand{\lstLanguage}{Python} in each chapter, and used \lstset{language=\lstLanguage,basicstyle=\color{blue},backgroundcolor=\color{lightgray}} instead. But that causes the error

​ ! Package Listings Error: language Python undefined


It is stored in \lst@language. The following minimal example shows how to get the currently set listings language from LaTeX and yields tex python:










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