I know how to draw inhibitory arrow with tikzpicture package for diagrams, but I want to know how to type it in the text. For example think of a sentence

An inhibitory reaction is shown by $code$.

An inhibitory arrow is used in biology and is similar to \dashv, but it has a longer horizontal and a shorter vertical line (it should look like an arrow object). Another way of thinking about it is the \mapsto arrow in the opposite direction and without ">"-like ending.

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    MnSymbol and fdsymbol has a \rightfootline symbol. You may just import this character, not load the full package, see tex.stackexchange.com/a/398874.
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    Feb 16, 2020 at 8:24

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I am really just following this answer.

\DeclareFontShape{U}{FdSymbolC}{m}{n}{<-> s * FdSymbolC-Book}{}

$A\leftfootline B$ $A\rightfootline B$ $A\longleftfootline B$ $A\longrightfootline B$

enter image description here

The question how to look up the code/coordinates for the symbol has been answered in this comment. Compile


to get

enter image description here

To access the character, you can look up its hexadecimal "coordinates". The first one is on the right and the second one is the hexadecimal number of the entry. From this you see that \leftfootline is in the group with A and it is the 14th member of the group, so has "AC. This means we get it with


The other entries are analogous.


With Computer Modern fonts you can use \mapsfromchar from St. Mary Road fonts.




$\inhib$ and $a\inhib b$


enter image description here

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