I am using Mac laptop with dark theme. TexStudio also shows in dark theme. I would like to change the editor background to

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  • Otherwise have you tried something like: Option->configure TeXstudio->SyntaxHighlight->Background – R. N Feb 16 at 12:05
  • Option->configure TeXstudio->SyntaxHighlight->Background worked for me. Thanks for the comment. – Arunnima Feb 28 at 12:25
  • Actually , in Mac when I changed the theme to dark background, closed and opened TexStudio, the background shows black again. In Syntax highlighting, background color is still white. Any other way ?? – Arunnima Feb 28 at 14:10

In TeXstudio you can change the background of the editor using: Option->configure TeXstudio->SyntaxHighlight->Background

And by save the configuration it should remain still way even after closing and reopening the application.

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