I was creating a PDF using cas-dc-template.tex downloaded from http://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/els-cas-templates.zip

However it causes the following error:

LaTeX3 Error: '\msg_term:n' deprecated on 2020-01-01. Use '\iow_term:n '.

The error corresponds to the command \tnotetext[1]. It seems that something in \tnotetext has been deprecated on 2020-01-01. How can I solve this problem?

The same error message appears for the command \cortext[1]{Corresponding Author}.


The problem is, as the error message says, that \msg_term:n is deprecated. This function along with a couple others were removed from the LaTeX3 kernel because they were not correctly named.

I mailed the Elsevier team responsible for their LaTeX packages and they updated (26-02-2020) the els-cas-templates package to address this issue. With an up-to-date system you shouldn't experience this issue.

For the next few months (until July 1st, 2020) you can have \msg_term:n back by loading expl3 with undo-recent-deprecations:

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  • thank you very much. I appreciate it. – user207225 Feb 19 at 0:50

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