I am finalizing my doctoral dissertation in LaTeX, and before printing my university has some very specific requirements regarding the formatting of the references section. Using makebst I have been able to reproduce most of them, but one thing has me baffled.

My university requires that author names be separated by dashes, like so:

Feeny, David F. – Willcocks, Leslie P. (1998) Core IS capabilities for exploiting information technology. Sloan Management Review, Vol. 39 (3), 9–21.

How can I edit my custom .bst file so that it will separate authors by - instead of by commas?

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If you're willing to switch to biblatex, here's a solution that uses en-dashes as name separators (and meets your other formatting requirements for the article entry type):




% Last name always before first name for authors

% Unbreakable space -- en-dash -- space as separator between author names

% No period after year

% Titles of articles not inside quotation marks

% No "In: " before journal titles of articles

% Comma before volume of articles

% "Volume" capitalized for articles

% Unbreakable space instead of dot before number of articles

% Number of articles in parentheses

% No prefix for pages


  author = {Feeny, David F. and Willcocks, Leslie P.},
  year = {1998},
  title = {Core IS capabilities for exploiting information technology},
  journaltitle = {Sloan Management Review},
  volume = {39},
  number = {3},
  pages = {9--21},






enter image description here

See also Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles.

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