Is there a way to revert manually to earlier versions of a package?
I know this is a bit weird but I need previous versions of some packages for some reason.


If you are using TeXLive, tlmgr can backup installed versions (it already does this automagically) and restore previously installed; see its documentation. I don't know if MikTeX offers something similar. And the mercurial repository of CTAN offers older versions - but you'll have to install them manually.

If you use tlmgr, you can run tlmgr restore [pkg] to find what backups exists. If you have a version you want to restore to, run tlmgr restore [pkg] [revision number] to actually do the restoration.


You can find historical versions of (some) packages on Automated Mercurial Repositories of CTAN. However, you'll have to manually install these in your local /texmf folder.


A repository of CTAN package versions would be very useful but it appears this 'Automated Mercurial Repositories' is no longer available.

Note: Automated Mercurial Repositories host http://ctanhg.scharrer-online.de no longer appears to be registered.

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