Below is my latex:

    $I \gets \text{Images of objects' plane}$\newline
    $Detector \gets \text{Define detector}$\newline
    $Descriptor \gets \text{Define Descriptor}$\newline

But the first line is un aligned


Line-ends within an algorithm environment under algorithm2e require the use of \;, not \newline.

enter image description here




  $I \gets \text{Images of objects' plane}$\;
  $\text{Detector} \gets \text{Define detector}$\;
  $\text{Descriptor} \gets \text{Define Descriptor}$\;


If you don't like the semicolons printed, then add


somewhere after loading algorithm2e.

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  • Would \DontPrintSemicolon remove all the semicolons in the text or just in the algorithm section? – paul-shuvo Feb 20 at 2:46
  • 1
    @paul-shuvo: Just the semicolons associated with \; within the algorithm environment. – Werner Feb 20 at 2:47

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